Opera Sense conducts exclusive interviews with the conductors, singers, directors, producers, coaches, and musicians who make opera happen. I also produce in-depth opera reviews designed to enlighten readers and support the artists who devote their lives to the genre.

I believe opera is here to excite, shock, challenge, and inspire. I am committed to making opera accessible, enjoyable, and enriching for everyone. Please contact Opera Sense if you feel the same way.

Opera Sense Founding Director, Trevor Gillis

Trevor Gillis, founder of Opera Sense, is a web developer and opera aficionado. A pianist since the age of seven and an operagoer since 16, Trevor claims that no one has written more PHP code under the influence of bel canto and opera buffa than he. He received his BA in music from St. Olaf College in 2008, after which he lived in Istanbul, Turkey for seven years. In Istanbul, he was a teacher, academic coordinator, and software developer. In 2015, Trevor and his wife, Çağla Gillis, moved to the U.S. They currently reside in Chicago, IL.